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Circular Economy

Why Circularity?

The linearity of the current global economy is driven by extraction, consumption and waste of natural resources. In comparison, a circular economy encourages the generation of less waste by keeping materials within production cycles for longer.

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Plaza Cinema Pilot

Closing the loop

CELSA’s 2021 ‘closed loop’ pilot project ‘the Plaza Cinema’ was a success,  resulting in a carbon reduction benefit of ~32,433 kg CO2/T due to scrap recycling.

Based on the success of this project CELSA UK and the company nChain successfully submitted a proposal to the Blockchain Connected Challenge Fund. We were awarded a grant by Welsh Government to fund an exciting R&D project exploring Blockchain for circularity.

Plaza Cinema Pilot

Cardiff Circular Economy Network

Cardiff Circular Economy

Cardiff Circular Economy Network (CCEN)

2021, CELSA UK initiated a collaborative project alongside Cardiff Metropolitan University, One Planet Cardiff and Cardiff Commitment (Curriculum Development).

The UK Government through the UK Community Renewal Fund funded this project.

The CCEN involved four workshops that supported schools and businesses within the Cardiff Council boundary to come together to develop a fuller understanding of circular economy principles.

Circular Economy Industrial Partnerships

CELSA is working in partnership with the following organisations to identify opportunities for groundbreaking approach.

South Wales Industrial Cluster

“Developing a world leading truly sustainable industry befitting the societal needs of 2030, 2040, 2050 and beyond.” We continue our ongoing engagement with the South Wales Industrial Cluster (SWIC). The cluster is made up 30+ partners made up of small, medium and large emitters who work together to deliver net zero in energy and heavy industry in South Wales.

South Wales is one of the biggest industrial and power emitter of carbon in the UK. CELSA is proud to be a part of the SWIC activities for decarbonisation and the development of a circular and restorative economy.

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