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Our goal is to become an organization where we all believe in the value of our safety and of our colleagues.

Beyond compliance with the legal requirements in terms of occupational risk prevention, in CELSA Group ™ we have incorporated into our Occupational Health and Safety Management System a series of programs that allow us to move towards our objective of Zero Accidents.

“In CELSA Group ™ we are committed to achieving a safe and healthy work environment for all the people who work with us”

PSOT PROGRAM: Preventive Safety Observation Tour.

We carry out frequently, and as an integral part of daily activities, observations of the normal course of work, focused on detecting unsafe acts and conditions and acting to correct them. In the Preventive Safety Observation Tour, all the employees participate at all levels, including directives, managers, employees and staff of collaborating companies.

These observations are the basis for the creation and development of a preventive culture in our organization, where we encourage the participation of all and the identification with the aim of carrying out our operations without accidents.

AUDIT PROGRAM: Internal, cross and external audits

We maintain a program of audits at different levels that ensure the proper implementation of corporate and our own standards.

The internal audits allow us to review the scope of each plant the correct functions of the established systems for the improvement of safety.

Cross-audits allow, apart from identifying the points of the system that do not adapt to the internal procedures of the plants or corporate procedures, identification of the best existing practices in the Group’s plants to be subsequently exported to the rest of the units through the creation or modification of corporate standards.

The external audits ensure that our safety management systems are adapted to the most demanding current regulations, thereby ensuring their continuous improvement.

HNC PROGRAM: Hazard Notification Card

In order to encourage the active participation of all the employees of the organization in identifying and reducing risks of accidents and incidents, we promote that every person who detects a situation that endangers safety or health reports it by using a Hazard Notification Card.

These cards are reviewed and evaluated to generate action plans that seek to eliminate these risks.

With this, we achieve a multiplicative factor, and we develop a solid safety culture in which we all act to prevent anyone from being injured.

PROGRAM 10: The 10 Safety Rules that Save Lives

We develop, implement and improve a degree of performance in a set of standards and safe work practices that are the fundamental pillar of our management model.
Behind each of these 10 Rules that Save Lives there is a set of standards that define how we carry out our work to ensure there are no accidents.

Among them, the leadership, -with the example of the line of command-, works with extreme heights, operations with cranes and lifting loads, DLLST (De-energize, Label, Lock, Secure and Test), the equipment that carries out repairs or cleanings and the entry to confined spaces or high-energy works, among others.

PSAP PROGRAM (Personal Safety Action Plan)

All the managers of the organizations that make up CELSA Group ™ must define and maintain a specific action plan for safety by which they commit themselves with concrete actions to improve the safety conditions of the people under their responsibility.

These action plans are mostly public, and their evolution is systematically reviewed by the line of command.

OOL PROGRAM: Organization, Order and Cleaning

An initial and essential condition to perform our work and operations without accidents or incidents is that each area stays perfectly clean and neat during the usual work course.

For this reason, our safety management system constantly monitors the identification and elimination of sources of dirt and keeps everything in place.
We create work teams that continuously seek to improve organization, order and cleanliness to increase efficiency and improve safety.

IAI PROGRAM: Investigation of Accidents and Incidents

We investigate and analyze each one of the accidents and incidents that have occurred, identifying the original causes of them with the essential objective of implementing action plans that avoid repeated incidents. We not only pay attention to situations in which people are harmed, but also to incidents in which we detect risk situations that must be corrected and avoided, even if there were no injuries.

We put special effort to disseminate what we learn from accidents that have occurred, as an essential educational tool that promotes knowledge about safety at work.

Shared Safety


All accidents
and occupational diseases can and should be prevented.


The managers are responsible and accountable for
safety and health.


The commitment
and training of
employees is


Working safely
is a condition of employment,
promotion and career.


Being excellent in
safety and health will lead us to excellent business results.


Safety and health are integrated into all business management processes.