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Eco-Reinforcement is a trademark for responsibly sourced reinforcing steel. It is a third party certification scheme developed by a consortium of reinforcing steel producers and fabricators, in collaboration with BRE Global and a wide range of external stakeholders, to conform with BRE Global’s responsible sourcing framework standard (BES6001:2008). This trademark will provide a means for construction clients and specifiers to purchase steel from a supply chain which is proactively addressing issues of sustainability.

To be certified to the Eco-Reinforcement trademark, reinforcement producers and fabricators must demonstrate they are addressing responsible sourcing issues such as legal compliance with all applicable legislation as well as ensuring they operate quality, environmental and health and safety management systems, with an onus of ensuring the supply chain also complies. Furthermore, environmental and social requirements such as greenhouse gas emissions, resource use, waste management, water extraction, lifecycle assessment, transport impacts, employment and skills, and local community engagement must also be considered.

Eco-Reinforcement provides a means for construction clients, specifiers and contractors to be able to purchase reinforcing steel from a supply chain which is proactively addressing issues of sustainability.

In November 2009, Celsa UK achieved certification to the Eco-Reinforcement Standard, making us the first steel manufacturer in the World to be certified to a recognized responsible sourcing standard. A copy of our certificate can be found in the downloads section.

Please follow the link below to the Eco-Reinforcement website for further information.


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