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Wire rod for mesh

Celsa produce a mild steel coil which is also known as wire rod for mesh. This mesh coil is used by some fabricators in the production of reinforcing mesh. The wire rod is produced on our rod line, which can achieve speeds of up to 90 metres per second during production. The material is laid on the cooling beds via a laying head where it cools before being stacked and bound vertically.

It is produced in a wild coil format and has a carbon content of ≤ 0.18% in diameters between 5.5mm and 17mm. Coil weight is 2.2 tonnes.

All our Wire Rod for Mesh is certified to the BES 6001 responsible sourcing standard through the Eco-Reinforcement

Product range

Designation Grade Size
NK08L1/NK10L1 Coil to BS 4482:2005 Grade 250 5.5 – 17 mm
NK08L1/NK10L1 Feedstock to BS 4449:2005 Grade 500 5.5 – 17 mm


  • It is used as feedstock for the production of Grade 500A high yield coil which is used predominantly in the production of reinforcing mesh for concrete.
  • Celsa wire rod has a yield strength of 300 N/mm2. This material is processed by Mesh Machines through a cold rolling line which indents ribs onto the sarface of the material. After processing the yield Strenght of the Mild Steel increuses to over 500 N/mm2 through a process known as work hardoring.
  • Reinforcing mesh is a produced by welding together a series of lengths of horizontal and vertical reinforcing bars, in a grid formation. Mesh reinforcement mats are predominantly used to reduce cracking in concrete slabs.

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